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FavTimePosRace NoNameNameGenderCategoryClubTimePaceMap
00:19:2928Carly McneilCarly Mcneil
#8 Female Senior
FemaleSeniorNewburgh Dunes Running Club00:19:29Edit Time3:53 min/km
00:21:06697Nicola EwingNicola Ewing
#97 Female Senior
FemaleSenior00:21:06Edit Time4:13 min/km
00:21:17799Kym BoothKym Booth
#99 Female Senior
FemaleSeniorIf The Trainer Fits00:21:17Edit Time4:15 min/km
00:21:521058Aileen LaingAileen Laing
#58 Female Senior
FemaleSenior00:21:52Edit Time4:22 min/km
00:23:011269Fiona DavidsonFiona Davidson
#69 Female Veteran
FemaleVeteranAberdeen AAC00:23:01Edit Time4:36 min/km
00:23:481526Paula ClosePaula Close
#26 Female Senior
FemaleSenior00:23:48Edit Time4:45 min/km
00:23:55165Lisa WattLisa Watt
#5 Female Senior
FemaleSenior00:23:55Edit Time4:47 min/km
00:23:58173Gail RennieGail Rennie
#3 Female Veteran
FemaleVeteranMetro Aberdeen00:23:58Edit Time4:47 min/km
00:24:361817Amy CameronAmy Cameron
#17 Female Veteran
FemaleVeteranStonehaven Running Club00:24:36Edit Time4:55 min/km
00:24:391988Jill LoganJill Logan
#88 Female Veteran
FemaleVeteran00:24:39Edit Time4:55 min/km
00:25:292116Cindy CrosleyCindy Crosley
#16 Female Veteran
FemaleVeteranNewmacahar Running Group00:25:29Edit Time5:05 min/km
00:25:332211Laura SorrieLaura Sorrie
#11 Female Senior
FemaleSenior00:25:33Edit Time5:06 min/km
00:26:1125101Katherine BainKatherine Bain
#101 Female Veteran
FemaleVeteran00:26:11Edit Time5:14 min/km
00:26:152625Barbara-Anne NeedsBarbara-Anne Needs
#25 Female Veteran
FemaleVeteranPeterhead Athletics Club00:26:15Edit Time5:15 min/km
00:26:272738Laura AngusLaura Angus
#38 Female Veteran
FemaleVeteran00:26:27Edit Time5:17 min/km
00:27:133031Helen EwanHelen Ewan
#31 Female Super Veteran
FemaleSuper VeteranNuffairyqueen Jog Scotland00:27:13Edit Time5:26 min/km
00:27:183119Amanda AndersonAmanda Anderson
#19 Female Veteran
FemaleVeteranTurriff Running Club00:27:18Edit Time5:27 min/km
00:27:22339Lynne AndersonLynne Anderson
#9 Female Veteran
FemaleVeteranNewburgh Dunes Running Club00:27:22Edit Time5:28 min/km
00:27:563533Louise MclarenLouise Mclaren
#33 Female Veteran
FemaleVeteranNuffairyqueen Jog Scotland00:27:56Edit Time5:35 min/km
00:29:0637103Carol AdamCarol Adam
#103 Female Super Veteran
FemaleSuper VeteranJog Scotland Newmachar00:29:06Edit Time5:49 min/km
00:29:273822Shelley McDonaldShelley McDonald
#22 Female Senior
FemaleSenior00:29:27Edit Time5:53 min/km
00:29:323960Ailsa GaultAilsa Gault
#60 Female Under 20
FemaleUnder 20Aberdeen AAC00:29:32Edit Time5:54 min/km
00:29:454050Gemma CollinsGemma Collins
#50 Female Veteran
FemaleVeteran00:29:45Edit Time5:56 min/km
00:30:184124Sarah BremnerSarah Bremner
#24 Female Veteran
FemaleVeteranNewmacahar Running Group00:30:18Edit Time6:03 min/km
00:30:314214Lana HaddenLana Hadden
#14 Female Vintage
FemaleVintageMetro Aberdeen00:30:31Edit Time6:06 min/km
00:30:524348Alison McgeeAlison Mcgee
#48 Female Veteran
FemaleVeteranpeterhead jog scotland00:30:52Edit Time6:10 min/km
00:30:5744111Lesley MarshallLesley Marshall
#111 Female Veteran
FemaleVeteran00:30:57Edit Time6:11 min/km
00:31:004544Hannah ChapmanHannah Chapman
#44 Female Senior
FemaleSenior00:31:00Edit Time6:12 min/km
00:31:16462Erica McphersonErica Mcpherson
#2 Female Senior
FemaleSenior00:31:16Edit Time6:15 min/km
00:31:37476Samantha RossSamantha Ross
#6 Female Senior
FemaleSeniorJog Scotland Bridge of Don00:31:37Edit Time6:19 min/km
00:32:034813Gemma HaddenGemma Hadden
#13 Female Senior
FemaleSeniorMetro Aberdeen00:32:03Edit Time6:24 min/km
00:32:044990Jane HodgsonJane Hodgson
#90 Female Super Veteran
FemaleSuper Veteran00:32:04Edit Time6:24 min/km
00:32:155047Anne CordinerAnne Cordiner
#47 Female Super Veteran
FemaleSuper Veteranpeterhead jog scotland00:32:15Edit Time6:27 min/km
00:32:175187Lesley AndersonLesley Anderson
#87 Female Super Veteran
FemaleSuper Veteran00:32:17Edit Time6:27 min/km
00:33:065251Heather BallochHeather Balloch
#51 Female Veteran
FemaleVeteranpeterhead jog scotland00:33:06Edit Time6:37 min/km
00:33:2853102Marion GrahamMarion Graham
#102 Female Veteran
FemaleVeteranJogscotland Lawrencekirk00:33:28Edit Time6:41 min/km
00:34:045480Sheila MathiesonSheila Mathieson
#80 Female Vintage
FemaleVintage00:34:04Edit Time6:48 min/km
00:34:255655Patricia StenhousePatricia Stenhouse
#55 Female Super Veteran
FemaleSuper VeteranNewmacahar Running Group00:34:25Edit Time6:53 min/km
00:35:515735Morven MacgregorMorven Macgregor
#35 Female Senior
FemaleSenior00:35:51Edit Time7:10 min/km
00:35:57587Laura StrattonLaura Stratton
#7 Female Senior
FemaleSenior00:35:57Edit Time7:11 min/km
00:37:015974Nicola KinnonNicola Kinnon
#74 Female Veteran
FemaleVeteran00:37:01Edit Time7:24 min/km
00:37:57604Arlene RossArlene Ross
#4 Female Vintage
FemaleVintageJog Scotland Bridge of Don00:37:57Edit Time7:35 min/km
00:41:276163Gillian MacleodGillian Macleod
#63 Female Senior
FemaleSeniorNewmachar Running Group00:41:27Edit Time8:17 min/km
00:43:126284Wendy GreigWendy Greig
#84 Female Senior
FemaleSenior00:43:12Edit Time8:38 min/km
00:45:306354Paula MurrayPaula Murray
#54 Female Senior
FemaleSenior00:45:30Edit Time9:06 min/km
00:46:0964113Wilma MacgregorWilma Macgregor
#113 Female Super Veteran
FemaleSuper Veteran00:46:09Edit Time9:13 min/km
00:50:006543Sarah LeslieSarah Leslie
#43 Female Senior
FemaleSenior00:50:00Edit Time10:00 min/km
00:56:356652Katie ForbesKatie Forbes
#52 Female Senior
FemaleSenior00:56:35Edit Time11:19 min/km
00:58:356745Zandra MorrisonZandra Morrison
#45 Female Super Veteran
FemaleSuper Veteran00:58:35Edit Time11:43 min/km
00:59:586867Susan SutherlandSusan Sutherland
#67 Female Vintage
FemaleVintage00:59:58Edit Time11:59 min/km
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